About Me

Richard Denoncourt

MFA Author & Line Editor

I started writing when I was a young lad, majored in English Literature at Colgate University, and have spent the past fifteen years as an author. I write in the genres of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, which I publish myself because…well, let’s just say I have a vision (make of that what you will!).

During those years of creative blossoming and struggle (and partying), I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from The New School, with a concentration in Fiction.

That’s right… I took out all those student loans so you don’t have to! I only mention the MFA because I don’t believe you need one to be a good writer, but it definitely helps with becoming a proficient editor!

And if there’s one activity I’ve done a LOT of since I started writing as a career, it’s editing.

Over the two years I spent studying the craft, I edited countless stories for other students in my MFA program.

I’ve edited over a million words of my own fiction, eventually publishing eight books that I meticulously picked apart with tweezers…

I’ve spent hundreds of hours editing marketing copy – product pages, Amazon & Facebook ads, back-of-the-book blurbs, and websites.

Editing is one of the most crucial steps for any work of fiction that hopes to be taken seriously—not just by critics, but by the most important people of all…



My job is to make sure your fiction reads like a seasoned pro wrote it.


My job is to make your style consistent and your sentences sing.


My job is to get your book ready to publish…and sell!

Ready to work with me?