New eBook cover for “The Way Things Fall” looks awesome!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

Just thought I’d share this cover I had a designer on Fiverr make for me. It’s interesting to see the difference between the work of an amateur and that of a professional. You’ll see what I mean below.

Awesome, right?

The colors are so vivid while the natural green of the leaves in the background makes the yellow font pop.

I created this concept years ago. When I used it to make my own cover, my design paled in comparison to the professional remake. This is a good example of what a big difference hiring a professional can make.

I used to think my cover was good. (Although it’s not terrible, there are a few glaring mistakes, like the last L touching the edge of the image).

Check it out:

In a side-by-side comparison, it’s obvious to see the differences between the amateur vs. professional design.

Glad I opted to go pro!

By the way, Fiverr is great. Anyone else out there absolutely love this site for purchasing needed services?

I’ll have to advertise on the marketplace myself—editor for hire!

Professional Design Version

My amateur cover, which I designed in 2012

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