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Need a guide to help you publish a version of your book you can be proud of? I can help!


My strong suit is editing manuscripts. Let me turn your words around and make your sentences sing


My years of know how in the marketing space can help turn your passion project into a selling product

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Line Editing

If you have doubts about the quality of your sentences, or if you’re new to writing fiction and don’t feel confident about the artistic side of crafting vivid, compelling prose…Then yes, you should employ a line editor.

Marketing & Publishing

Whether you’re hoping to score a traditional publishing contract or become an indie publisher, marketing is hard. But I can teach you how to start off with an excellent query letter or enticing product description…and more!

About Me

Richard Denoncourt

MFA Author & Line Editor

I started writing when I was a young lad, majored in English Literature at Colgate University, and have spent the past fifteen years as an author. I write in the genres of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy, which I publish myself because…well, let’s just say I have a vision (make of that what you will!). During those years of creative blossoming and struggle (and partying), I graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from The New School, with a concentration in Fiction.

That’s right… I took out all those student loans so you don’t have to! I only mention the MFA because I don’t believe you need one to be a good writer, but it definitely helps with becoming a proficient editor!

And if there’s one activity I’ve done a LOT of since I started writing as a career, it’s editing.

My Books


I recently worked with Richard Denoncourt on the editing of my first novel, as well as my query letter. His efforts exceeded all my expectations on both fronts. I was not only extremely pleased with the quality of his work and results, but also the genuine caring he continually demonstrated throughout the process for the success of the book and my growth as an author. Richard was fully invested in the book and in the person, and I am appreciative and grateful for both. If you want a great editor, teacher, and motivator I would strongly recommend Richard. He will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, as he did mine.

Jeffrey F

Author of forthcoming Naturians

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