“The hell world created by Denoncourt is truly terrifying…A great read with lots of twists and turns…” – Doubleshot Reviews


Jack Devins lost his four-year-old daughter Kelly and his will to live. He is about to jump in front of a train, but a mysterious, disfigured homeless man stops him. He has a message for Jack—a message from the great beyond.

Kelly’s soul is trapped in a purgatory where the souls of suicides wander for all eternity. Jack could rescue her, but only if he follows this “burnt man” into a dark subway tunnel, where death by train will awaken him in a place of unimaginable torment.

The underworld is full of horror, hungry for Jack’s soul, eager to feed off his pain. He has to fight, run, and learn the truth about the nature of the hell that surrounds him. Because salvation awaits inside Trainland, a crumbling city where the damned can become the most unlikely of heroes.

Board the ghost train into an underworld unlike any you’ve ever experienced. See why fans are describing their journey through Trainland as “terrifying” “freaky” and “unique,” with a “twist you’ll never see coming.”


Olivia, Amazon Customer

“I started (and finished) this book in one day…A book you will not forget.”

Raetsel, Amazon Customer

“After many months, I still think of this story…Very unique.”

Shell, Amazon Customer

“A mash-up of stories I love – The Talisman, What Dreams May Come, and a touch of The Great and Secret Show…an epic story of love and the lengths one man is willing to go for his family.”

Zach Urbina, Amazon Customer

“Haunting and stylish…The comparisons to Stephen King should not go unheeded.”

Monti, Goodreads Member

“Watch out Stephen King…here comes Richard Denoncourt.”

Kara Amie, Amazon Customer

“Chilling and unique. The Nursery scenes have haunted me since my first reading [almost three years ago.] I was captivated by the “Suicidium.”

Adam Weber, Amazon Customer

“Compelling, well-written, fast-moving story with a ton of imaginative (and quite freaky) content.”