Enter a strange new world, where students ride gargoyles to the library, vampires solve murders, and classes start at night under the full moon…

My name is Simon Meadows: blood-drinker, immortal monster… and detective.

I am an ethical vampire. I only prey on wicked men, never on the innocent. For this, my coven condemned me to a half-century of darkness, buried alive in my own coffin with only my feeble psychic cries for help.

Then, a voice answered. He offered me freedom in exchange for a sacred vow to guard a paranormal university—a school of magic and danger, where students wield supernatural powers, demons prowl from other worlds, and professors teach the secrets of wizardry and the occult. A place where the multiverse reveals its wonders and horrors.

But now, a student is dead. A killer with a disturbing weapon not from this world is at large. I must stop him before he destroys everything I care about, including my werewolf apprentice, my shapeshifter best friend, and my unusual new home, Strange University.

And I thought being buried alive was hard.