The end of the world was the beginning of his nightmare…

Kip Garrity’s father is the only family or friend he has left. After a viral catastrophe known as “the Outbreak” destroyed human civilization, Kip and his family locked themselves inside their fortified home to protect against a horde of mindless, infected killers that rose from the ashes of the old world.

His mom died first, and now his dad is sick with sepsis. To save his life, Kip must leave his barricaded house for the first time in years and make his way to the abandoned pharmacy across town, which may or may not have the antibiotics his father needs to live.

Thankfully, his dad was a Green Beret and taught Kip everything he knows about combat, weapons, and survival. But even that won’t be enough. The world has changed in ways Kip can’t even imagine. There are others like him out in the ruins, scavenging, hunting, trying to survive amid an overwhelming zombie threat.

One of those survivors is a girl who will turn Kip’s mission inside-out. The other is a psychopathic leader of a gang of raiders, who will force Kip to explore the darkest corners of the human soul, or risk becoming the most terrifying monster humanity has ever known.


Amazon Reviewer

“Ranks in the top 5% of the hundreds of ‘end-of-the-world’ books I’ve read.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Man, it is intense. The realism pulls you in and makes for an intensely riveting read…”

Goodreads Reviewer

“I suffer from zombie fatigue…It says something about this book that I am giving it a huge thumbs up.”

Amazon Reviewer

“An edge of the seat book… Twists and turns you don’t expect.”